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Do you ship to the USA:

Yes we do, but in the US wAir can only be used as a (fully functional) design product. We have the EU Certificate but not the USA one.


When do you ship:

We plan to ship to our Indiegogo bakers beginning of November. We planned to deliver in waves. 

Once our Indiegogo Campaign is over, we will offer a webshop on our site.


How can wood not burn if there are heat elements used:

Easy, every normal hair dryer is isolated like hell. The plastic doesn't melt either, right?


Why wood:

Because we believe that wood is one of the most elegant materials on earth. Additionally, it is handy and pleasant for your hand.


Aren't you damaging the environment with such a thing?:

On every wAir hair dryer are the coordinates of the tree it is made of. The wood is coming from an environment friendly factory, which is highly considering the cultivation of South Tyrolean forests.


Is wAir considered as a luxury product?

wAir is the ultimate in luxury you can get for your bath room. Every single wAir is hand made and going trough various highly complex steps. In short, the production of wAir starts at the selection of the wood to ensure it's high quality and luxury finish. The process continues with the highly sensitve assembly of the wood and electronic parts and ends with the engravement of the logo, the certificates and the coordinates.