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wAir is made of unapologetically pure and environment friendly wood coming from trees grown in South Tyrol.

With wAir your daily hair drying experience gets a fresh breeze froml an alpine forest.

wAir impresses from every angle

Impressions of wAir


 South Tyrol is known for its high quality wood. This contributes highly to the final luxury product we were able to develope. 



Our unique design allows a flexible and highly durable structure of the wAir. It consits of 5 parts made of luxury wood from South Tyrol.



On every singly wAir we place the coordinates of the tree of origin. Simply enter them on a system like google maps to see where your wAir's origins lie.



The power of 2100 watts comply with the one of a professional hair dryer used by hair stylists. wAir outperforms every single hair dryer on the market due to its unique design and its remarkable performance.



The result is a luxury hairy dryer with a flawless design, an outstanding performance, and the privilege of being made of one of the purest material on earth, wood!